Key Highlights

Save your favorite item across all devices for later purchase. Share your wishlist with friends via social media to increase reach.

  • key-1

    Easy Customization

    Highly configurable branding to match the look and feel & seamlessly integrate with your Shopify theme.

  • key-2

    Re-engage shoppers

    Send low stock, price drop and reminder notifications for wishlisted products to bring shoppers back to your site.

  • key-4

    Multiple Wishlists (Coming Soon)

    Enables your customers to sort out products for different purposes by creating multiple Wishlists

  • key-3

    Multi-device shopping

    Access Wishlist on Any of Your Devices and make multi-devide shopping easy.

Turn shopping into fun

Advanced Wishlist is one of the most useful tools for e-commerce. Many customers would prefer to window shop nowadays, whether it's their first visit or their 100th visit. When you have several things to choose from in your store, it can be hard for those shoppers to keep up with the products they love. What better way than a Wishlist to collect all their favourites in one place?



Pick an add-on that best suits your business needs.



  • CheckWishlist up to 100 items



  • Check Wishlist up to 10000 items
  • Check Import/Export



  • Check Wishlist up to 50000 items
  • Check Import/Export
  • Check Share wishlists



  • Check Unlimited wishlist items
  • Check Import/Export
  • Check Share wishlists
  • Check Multiple wishlist
  • Check Notification emails on events: Reminder, Price Drop, Restock

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